Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Mystery of 333... and dreams

 had always held a mystery meaning for me and for years I did not know why....

I had dreams. The numbers 333 would appear randomly. They were often mixed in with painting dreams. For years I saw beautiful paintings almost every night when I went to sleep! None of the dreams where alike and the numbers weren't alike either but it all was tied up to art, or so I thought. One morning after having the 333 appear  in my dream... I decided to write the numbers down and I grabbed my crayons and some drawing paper and I attempted to discover what the numbers meant. 

333 could mean a lot of different things and at that point I didn't know what...

3/3/3 could be a date, 3/33 could be a month and a year...
Maybe 3 things would happen when I turned 33, maybe my life would change, maybe I would move, maybe I would die, my mind drifted and my crayons colored the page with possibilities.... Maybe I would have a 3.33 GPA... I really hoped not because I always had a higher GPA, like 3.84. 

What was 3/3/3? It was March 3, 2003. That is the day my son left for Iraq for the first time. Within a few weeks all Americans became aware of military presence in Iraq. He has now been deployed 5 times. It's been twelve years since that day and for the first year since then he is finally able to stay in USA. Hurrah!!

After that I never saw 333 in dreams anymore. I do still see art, mostly painterly images... in my dreams.  Sweet dreams. 

Yours truly

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