Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Goodbye to the Riverfest Music and Art

Okay; I'll admit it I dragged my feet and was tied up with other things and never really made it to the Riverfest until this past Sat. And like so many things that one may put off until the last event or last semester; you say Whoa...I wish I had discovered this in the beginning.
But perhaps the powers that be wanted me to see the end rather than the beginning. I learned a lot in my short visit. Here is what I saw; besides great art; happy faces and an art festival; I saw a family of artists. They had become united. It was an interesting observation.

All the artists had really bonded and become like a big happy family. I had not seen this happen before. But week after week of hanging out at the River showing their art and listening to live music every Saturday night certainly would be a way to bond. It's not just the art or just the music its the People; the Artists and the time together; The Socializing. I often pick my "off duty" events by the social factor instead of the sales potential, but that's just me. My friends only sold a few things here and there; no one made a killing and to me it didn't seem like it was worth the time from the sales perspective; but then again....isn't developing new friendships and relating to a definite crowd; worth so much more???

YES; I think it is....


Jean Ehler said...

Yes, it was a bonding experience for the artists there. We'll be back next year. Don't miss it!

Jean Ehler said...

Yes, it was a bonding experience for the artists. We had a great time and will be back next year. Don't miss it!