Saturday, September 6, 2008

Movie Reveiw: Babylon A. D.

Babylon was a fast moving action packed adventure story featuring several newcomers to the large screen and Vin Diesel as the main character along with Muchelle Yeoh. As with many action adventure movies; we have a "paid killer". This one however; played quite convincingly has decided to reform and has agreed to deliver a "package" from a convent in the hills of Asia to NYC.

The package turns out to be a "nun" and her (previously abandoned) adopted daughter. The girl is the package said to be carrying a rare virus. She is amazingly understated as both an intellect and a striking beauty. Although she flirts with the leading man; he is having none of it. All he wants to do is his job. In the end he realizes it is a suicide mission. Even so; the ending turns out to be quite surprising and cleverly crafted.

Using my standard rating guide:

Did it make me laugh? Yes, I laughed some; although its not a comedy
Did it make me cry? Yes, it had a few tender moments.
Did it keep me awake? YES and that is a miracle because I was very tired!

A movie worth seeing; but leave the kids at is a little rough around the edges as are most movies in this genre. One thing I am not real clear on is why the movie was named Babylon A D ? The title total doesn't make sense to me in regards to the movie; so for that I am going to deduct a half point and rate it 2.5 points on a scale of three.

This movie is currently playing in several theaters throughout Columbia, SC

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Anonymous said...

I beleive the name Babyon A.D. came from the books "Babylon Babies". which the movie is based on.