Saturday, August 28, 2010

SC State Fair Juried Art Show... U B the Jury?

Hello dear sweet art fans and friend;

The SC State Fair is such a big fair with great prizes and an interesting preview party night that I hate to miss it. So... I have decided to enter this year and I am in a real dilema. I have done so many pieces the past two years, how do I just pick 2; and what 2 are the best? I need to think not just what appeals to the mass market, but what would the very accomplished and educated eye of the juror Larry Walker think is worthy of an award? That's always a tough question and the 1500 artists that enter this fair every year are painfully aware. So many pieces get in....but almost as many DON"T get in and that's what the public doesn't realize. To NOT get one in always feels like a slap especially at the fair when u can go look at all your competition and see works that you can't help but think; "wow, how did that get in?"

I am asking for your opinion... please go to my Facebook fan page at Jean Bourque artist and look at all my art photos and tell me what two works are your personal favorites and add any comments you want on the photo pages. Or you can look thru this blog and see if there are any 2 here that you especially like. If you are one of my Facebook friends, you can look at my photos on my facebook account under Jeanee Bourque and tell me what your favorites are there. So help me out here...
Thank you.... yours truly,

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