Sunday, August 1, 2010

July 4th weekend inspired painting

The month started out with my new music and art video being sent to a couple venues for future possibilities. July 4th weekend; I heard Josh Roberts and Leslie Branham for the first time at Martini Bar, playing mostly originals and a few covers with a flair. The next night was Marv Ward playing the blues at Smoke. Marv and I are going to work together so I paint to his playing. We are thinking Sept 11th at Millwood Cafe.

Then late one night I stopped in at the Hookah Bar to catch The Dubber and several friends playing world international music. All this music led to being deeply inspired and the weekend ended with me painting with another artist while listening to the blues. Then I brought that painting to hear Redd Wyne band practice and finished up the painting. This is that painting! It's a 24x18 and it needs a name.

Yours Truly,
Jean Bourque

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