Sunday, April 17, 2011

Jean Bourque Live Painting April 27th Artsy Fartsy

April 2011
Jean Bourque kicked off the month with a solo art show at Artsy Fartsy, running for the month. The reception was on April Fool's night. Everyone was expecting a bit of shenanigans by artist Jean Bourque. However, most people were friendly and no tricks were played and only one or two foolery things happened. For one; the reception was slated as going until 830 and it actually went to ten. We were very fortunate to have a good crowd, coming and going throughout the evening.

Keith Bates emceed the event and had 7 musical acts performing live along with two well known poets, Al Black and John M. Starino. The featured band was REDD WYNE, additional performers Kevin Dozier, Michael Sanders, Julia and Barton Beckham, Kurt Linguini and Chief Roy, Mel Simms of Vassaboo, and the evening topper was with William Christoper playing his keyboards. All the musicians were excellent and many folks commented on what a great gala type event we hosted at Artsy Fartsy.

The art by Jean Bourque was well received. The show featured 52 performance paintings all done in the last year to live musical performances by a variety of bands and solo acts. Many people commented on their favorites and people expressed a lot of amazement at seeing so many paintings all in one place by this artist. The show was well lit and hung with professional labels identifying each piece by title and the musical act it was performed too. The musicians especially enjoyed seeing their names and names of their friends and paintings she painted to each.

With 52 pieces, naturally, there is a large selection of works in almost every color. Jean's art palette changes as the music affects her soul. Something that can only clearly be seen in a large exhibit. The show runs thru April 30th, so take a look see at Artsy Fartsy at 906 Knox Abbott Dr. Cayce.

On April 27th, we will have a grand finale party with Mind Gravy featuring music by Bob Kilgore, poetry by Roy Seegars and many more. Jean Bourque will paint live to bob's music and we expect a good crowd. The event will run 8-10. Come on by....

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