Monday, May 28, 2012

Bob, Bear and Me at Homemade Genius Gallery

Saturday May 19th, I found myself in downtown Abbeville SC... at Ian Morris's place. It's a music studio, it's a gallery, it's an art studio, it's a stage and performance center and it is known as Homemade Genius!.The walls were covered with several different artists work including the owner/artist Ian Morris. The featured artist appeared to be Columbia artist Michael Krewjewski and a sprinkling of art by Columbia artist Cedric of Izms of Art. Several other artists work are on display as well.

That evening, I was there to paint to live music. Bob Kilgore and his brother Bear Kilgore having been building up a steady following of fans all over the country. Their blend of music and superior skills combine to create a full band sound with just the two of them. Bob on an acoustic guitar and Bear on electronic keyboard. During the performance, Bob's latest CD "Metamorphosis" was displayed visually with paintings created to various songs on the album. My own entry to the collection was "Meta" which had been painted to the CD at Tapp's Art Center during a Mind Gravy Poetry event this past Dec.

The art event also included poetry readings by various poets, reading their own works and words by Columbia poet John Starino and owner/poet Ian Morris. The interesting thing about this was it added another dimension to the music and the art in this environment. It was a very heady performance which the audience enjoyed heartily. I created a new work of art and named her "Meta II". Currently she is still a painting in progress, but here she is in all her glory.

Both paintings are copyright images by Jeanee Bourque

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