Monday, May 28, 2012

Painted Live to DUBA at Buckaroo's

This Saturday evening, May 26, 2012 I found myself out at Lake Murray at a little night club on the water. Owners Jamie and Kristian allowed me to paint there last year and the one I created to the DUBA band ended up going home with them that night. I hadn't seen "Dear Heart" in close to a year as there were no cameras there that night. Mary Womble the bass player and singer in the Duba band asked them to bring it to Buckaroo's that evening,which they did. We hung "Dear Heart" behind the band while I painted and they played.

This was now the third time I painted at Buckaroo's and like the other two times, I noticed they have two different crowds, which I have named the early crowd and the late night crowd. When we arrived at 8PM there were only a handful of people on the back deck overlooking the Lake. There were a few boats docked and more people inside enjoying food in the restaurant. The first crowd departs about 10 and the second crowd arrives close to 1030PM. A lot of the folks with the first crowd had been at the DUBA bands performance the evening before at another Lake Murray bar and enjoyed it so much they came back for more.

The second crowd clearly had a lot more women then the first crowd. The women were all dancing and of course I was dancing too. I do what I call my Painting dance!  The ladies were out on the town for "Mommies Night Out". Everyone was having a great time dancing to cover songs by Pink, Adele, Cranberries and many other popular bands. The band played four sets and I created a 16x20 and 2 smaller paintings to the beat! Here is the larger painting I did to the music!

I was drinking Monster Total Zero while the crowd was enjoying drinks like the Dirty Monkey and as the night wore on it become evident that many were feeling no pain. Even so, there were no mishaps, as people got up on the stage and did their dances, no feel over or got tripped up. So it was a wonderful night and a great time was had by all!

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