Saturday, May 3, 2014

A Surprise at the Old Mill in Lexington SC

Yesterday, I decided to explore the Old Mill on Main St. in Lexington, SC.  I hadn't been there since the Chartier's closed their coffee shop over a year ago. It was beside the Watershed, which has now expanded into their former area. We all had so much fun there with poetry readings, musical events, open mics and art shows. I even painted live there. They had wonderful treats, delicious food and a cool vibe and were also reasonably priced.

Parking was for sure easier than I remembered and I didn't have to walk far to get in. It was early evening but it seemed everything was closed on the lower level of the Old Mill. But... I could hear voices and that was when I discovered Theatre Rowe's new location! I peeked inside wanting to be discreet but they heard me and even though I was behind the curtain and they didn't know who was there, they invited me in!

They are in the location where the old dance studio was and they were having a rehearsal for their play tonight, "Who Killed the Boss".  It's a dinner theater and it felt really cozy and it is a true black box theatre. I found myself wanting to see the play and Phil himself invited me to attend. 

So... if you are not doing anything tonight and you miss attending events at the Old Mill or would love to see a good comedy... go there! I know this is short notice but the play starts at 7PM and doors open at get there as soon as you can. 

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