Sunday, August 5, 2007

Movies I Want To See

Well; finally I trekked back across town to a theater even further away and was able to at long last see the "Sicko" movie. It was about the difference between our country with it's health care system based on insurance and pharmacy vs the free medical care in other countries. It was very thought provoking. That said; it is a debate that I do not care to enter. My only desire in that regard was to be educated about the possibilities here and abroad.
I had seen Sienna Miller speaking about a movie on late night TV; much like Michael Moore did for his above mentioned movie. I was looking forward to seeing "The Factory Girl" when it was released. I should mention that I have averaged seeing 5 just released movies every month; for at least the past 5 years. (don't ask; I do not remember them all!) Since I am constantly seeking the latest happening movie; I really couldn't wait to see this one.
Sienna Miller played Edie Sedgewick; otherwise known as Andy Warhole's muse and she was in many of Andy's movies. I knew when the movie was to be released and waited longingly. The day of release I searched the Internet; only to find not one theater in Columbia was showing this movie. Boy was I bummed; then thought okay; I am going to Myrtle Beach, SC next weekend and checked to see if it were playing there and it was not. I knew I had a pending trip to Atlanta so I checked there. It was playing there. But that was three or four weeks away and I knew it may not be still there when I got there. So everyday; I checked hoping against hope and finally when I went to Atlanta and the movie was no longer playing there, I returned to Columbia, SC defeated and gave up the idea that the movie would ever come to our city.

I know there were other movies over the years I wanted to see; that to the best of my knowledge never played in Columbia and it does seems it's the artsy ones. You know
Michel Basquiat never played and I know there have been others. Come to think of it; he hung out with Andy Warhole, too. (mmm?) If anyone that reads this has any influence over what movies play in Columbia; myself and the 1000 or so other artists in this area would sure love to see some art movies! Of course; we did get to see Frida played by the lovely Selma Hayak and for that we were very thankful.

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