Monday, November 12, 2007

Christmas Sale and Social at ART Dec. 4th

First Annual Christmas Sale and Social

instead of our monthly business meeting

on Tuesday Nov. 4th at

930 Richland St Columbia SC

This event will start at 6pm and go until

ART members can show their work, sell their work or barter their art with other artists at this event. If you are interested in participating, you will be responsible for transporting and setting up your own art and bringing a table, easels or pedestals to do so. Everyone is asked to bring a food or a drink item for the event to contribute to the festivities. For further details please contact Brenda Schwartz Miller or Sandra Stewart via clicking on either name.
Above photo: Oil Painting 24x18 "Floral Fantasy" on pre-stretched canvas by Jean Bourque

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kozachekart said...

I look forward to being there with my mini paintings, pendants and to- die-for chocolate liquor brownies.