Sunday, June 29, 2008

July Fourth and Freedom

A soldier in Iraq sends you a smile!
Photo taken by unknown soldier in Iraq.

Our Freedom

We are free to have barbecue or cook outs on July Fourth and enjoy the hot sun and frolic in the ocean waves at the beach or explore the mountains on our three day weekend off.

Not our soldiers.

Our soldiers in Iraq are on the job 24/7. They are working in 130 degrees of unbearable heat.
Please stop for a moment and do something special in honor of our soldiers.

Yes, our soldiers...

They are our sons and daughters, they are the boy or the girl next door; they do not have an Independence Day; they work so we can Play!!!
Thanks to all the Soldiers in all the Troops in Iraq and around the world
with a special thanks to the Fourth ID.

Our freedom - our soldiers are fighting for it everyday!!!!
Have a Happy July 4th Independence Day!

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