Monday, June 2, 2008

A True Chick Flick: Sex and the City Commentary


Okay, I will admit it this is a true "chick flick". Probably more so than any recent movie and there have been many chick flicks in the past year. I have never been a big TV watcher. I never watched the show when it was a regular TV show on prime time. However, since it has been in reruns and shown late night, I have caught enough episodes so I wanted to see Carrie's latest wardrobe and if she and Mr. Big finally tie the knot.

It's really kinda' funny how opening night was. I knew it would be a huge hit and I suspected lots of females would attend. The theater I chose to go to had 5 showings at one time; they cancelled other movies to accommodate this SOLD out event.

In the entire audience there were maybe 3 men; two that came with women and one lone male. It was obvious he was by his self too. The theater was full except for the two seats on Both sides of this man. When they showed the previews for future movies; he spoke out; "Finally a man movie" the entire group of women laughed so hard. It was like we were all connected and part of this big sisterhood of females. It wasn't just a movie it was an EVENT!!!!! (like no other)

The movie had some of the most beautiful clothes you could ever imagine and shoes; ohmy! I have a rating system that I use to judge weather a movie is good or not; there are three criteria:

1. Did it make me laugh?
2. Did it make me cry?
3. Did I stay awake?

YES, YES, YES!!!! This gets my highest rating of 3 YESES!!!! Considering the movie was three hours long; that is really saying something for me to stay awake during the entire show!!! (smile) I would love to tell you more; but I cannot reveal anything that might ruin the movie. I think all 4 played their roles fantastically.

Even though they have aged a little since they were on TV; I thought they looked great; so what if they are showing a few lines? They all have stayed in shape and could beat the body parts out of many younger women. The movie was a financial winner out grossed all the other movies and it made more on opening night then they expected it to make in the entire run of it. ALRIGHT: that really says a lot about this generation of chick flicks; for women of all ages!

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