Friday, August 22, 2008

Golden Acrylics Demo held at City Arts

A group of artists recently attended City Arts Golden Acrylic Demo by Mr Garrett; a Golden Rep. It felt like an art league meeting in some ways. Maybe in part because Mr Garrett had done a similar demo at Crooked Creek back a few years ago plus there were artists from a variety of art leagues.

I loved where I was sitting; not so much because I could hear or see the speaker but more because I quickly learned my seat had an artistic advantage. I could clearly see several large works by Bruce Nellsmith. I had the opportunity to look at them from a comfortable seat and contemplate. Although I have always loved his work; I had never had the opportunity to stare at his work. It was almost like peeking inside his brain. Heaven knows I want to paint with Bruce.

Wake up... skins of acrylic paint peeled off freezer paper were being passed around the room. Interesting little pieces of plastic. Clipboards with a shot of medium and a color along with palette knife or a brush were going around too. The prints were pretty cool. Suddenly; I realize I am blessed and I am so happy. Discovery has always been in abundance and among my highest creative gifts. The experience of seeing the things I experimented being shown to the group was a bit of a shock. was fun to hear peoples thoughts on these things.

I did in fact learn a few things and there were a few things I would have loved to share; but at last I was not the teacher nor was I the lead student.(smile) I was just a paying guest at City Arts. I did get my money's worth being able to stare at Bruce Nellsmith's paintings for nearly an hour. Had Bruce been among the group surely he would have taught us even more. He is a professor of art at Newbury College in Newbury, SC.

Since I have not been able to get permission to show his art...I suggest you go to City Arts website and see the art there. Tell Randy; Jeanee says hi.

yours Jeanee

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