Friday, August 1, 2008

Flying Without a Plane!

by Jean Bourque

Art Commentary.... "Flying Without a Plane!"

I really love to fly. The idea of waking up in Columbia SC and in several hours being in Bermuda; just entices me. This feeling of flowing with a change into another land or perhaps dimension; is something I have found in creating art.

One of the many wonderful things about being an artist is having the opportunity to continue to learn more as time goes on. We refine our skills and ourselves with every exposure to another art instructor or sometimes even to another art portfolio. Each of us works differently. Some artists are highly experimental; while others are very illustrative and precise. To each their own and sometimes we find we cross paths even in this widely divergent world of art; with all its possibilities.

What we think we know now; later becomes replaced with updated info or a new piece of self found in the puzzles of life. What keeps an artist up to date isn't so much just having a college degree or learning to paint from one or two instructors. Its not just about perfection in one technique, one style, or one medium. No, no, no, it's about so much more. Open your eyes; and see; really look deep. Now close your eyes and see; look real deep. Breathe in breathe out; now do you see? Keep trying...

Throughout art history you see the greats; the well knowns; the famous and the infamous artists all had a common link. That link was being open to experiment with their ideas and techniques, the willingness to expand one's horizons. The fearless moving forward while flying with out a plane; a journey into the unknown. We find out selves through our art; it can be your greatest joy!

All on board; let's fly!

Yours Truly;

Jean Bourque

About the Painting: This is "Jagged Edges" by Jean Bourque an oil painting that measures 36 by 24 inches on Linen. One of my personal favorites.

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mikyael949 said...

Brilliant, inspiring blog, Jean Bourque! I was Googling for, "Flying without planes", and came to this, out the blue. Like a Rainbow hitting me from a grey sky!
More please, Jean.