Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Amazing Art Sales in this Economy

Columbia, SC. Recently, two artists have proven economy doesn't matter when you have art that has mass appeal and a personality combined with talent, determination and faith. Barbie Mathis of Lexington, SC has single handedly sold 14 originals, had numerous consignments and sold several prints all in the past 4 weeks. These sales were all made at the Sand Hills Village Gallery in the former Bombay Company Store, in Columbia, SC. This has made Barbie the highest selling artist at Sandhills. Barbie's paintings are highly detailed flowers ranging from photo realistic roses to irises with a minimalist background. They are stunning and I think what captures people's attention is the crisp spring feel and everyone loves flowers. Barbie's work can be seen at SandHills Village Gallery.

Then there is Paintings by Roger; featuring the artwork of Roger Hutchison. He is currently having a show at Frame of Mind on Main St in Columbia SC. On his opening night ten pieces sold and I have heard several more have sold since then. Rogers work is bright, eye catching and takes you to a place of playful freedom. I can understand the appeal as I am also attracted to Roger's artwork. He does all his acrylics without brushes. He actually uses his hands to hand paint the canvases in bright colors with some geometric qualities. You can still see Rogers work at Frame of Mind until January 8, 2009.
What is so amazing about Barbie and Roger's sales is that prior to this month as a professional artist in Columbia SC for well over a decade; I had never heard of any artist in Columbia having this kind of sales and to hear of two in one month in a bad economy really makes me stand up take notice. My hat goes off to both of them. Congratulations Barbie and Congratulations Roger!!! Great job! Watch ARTSAILS1 Blog for interviews with Barbie Mathis and an interview with Roger Hutchison and more visuals of their work.
NOTE: Photo of Barbie Mathis Artist at Sandhills Village in the NE section of Columbia, SC. *

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