Saturday, December 6, 2008

Call for Artists for Dec. 19th

This just in; on my FaceBook email box today... this is verbatim...

Hi Jean,
Glenforest is having the Masters Singers again Dec 19 and were wondering if any artists would like to come again like last year. Sorry it's such short notice, but we have a lot of staff changeover since last year. If interested, call the school and ask for Linda (not Linda Branham; Linda from Clemson)
For further info I have added:
Susan Lee; Art Instructor at Glenforest School in West Columbia, SC. Master Singers is the Palmetto Master Singers and they do a great performance at the school as a fundraiser. The event is on a Friday evening. Click on the Glenforest link to get their phone number and further info either as to be a participating artist or to attend the Palmetto Mastersingers performance or to come out and purchase last minute art gifts in the lobby of the school that Friday evening.

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