Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Need Two or more Strong People for Jan-Mar 2009

I need two strong people willing to work some overnights and or super early morning (starting at 2, 3 or 4AM) in grocery stores assisting with changing out huge coffee displays including grinder and bulk coffee. Hours would depend on each store's management team.

Must be strong and able to lift heavy equipment that is tall. Must be in good health and have good back, knees and hands. Must be organized, good with paperwork and follow up, able to schedule with store managers, have a cell phone, be good with tools, have a computer, an email account and be able to travel throughout SC. This is a temporary job. Could be a couple that enjoys working together or two people that know each other and want to work as a team. Will also take applications from individuals that are interested and add you to crews or as a back up person.

Would be great for college students that have a light course load and are very fit, dependable and willing to work. Great job to pay off those holiday bills. Also good for someone that has been out of work or on a commission job and wants to earn some income while looking for their fulltime position or working part time elsewhere. This job will pay $10. an hour; part time temporary position; as needed; with less than 40 hours each week.

If you are interested and have a Drivers License, an insuranced car, citizenship and want to work temporarily; please contact Jeanee immediately at artsails1@gmail.com. Please provide your contact information and any experience you may have related to this type of work. If you have any grocery or reset merchandiser experience please send your resume as an attachment. Please send two business or academic references.

This is a temporary job. When the coffee sets are completed statewide we cannot guarantee a position with the company. We work in the finest chain of grocery stores around SC.
Thank you.

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