Friday, May 28, 2010

Anderson Fine Arts Center, Anderson, SC

The Anderson Fine Arts Center held there recent juried show and there were over 600 entries and they could only accept about 100. I was truly blessed to have "Visual passion" accepted as an entry to this show. This show will stand out in my mind this week as it is in it's final hours and artists will be picking up their work Tuesday and Wednesday. Road trip... but its such a joy to see all the work there. Even the work that was rejected was just makes me realize how much great art is being made in SC and I want to suggest...instead of going to Europe or even just Atlanta to buy your art... you really should think about supporting our local economy here in SC. So many artists are struggling to make a living and your purchase can make the difference of artists having to do "odd jobs" or being able to actually do "their art."

with love yours truly Jean

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