Friday, May 28, 2010

Painting at Utopia with The Dubber in Columbia, SC

One of my favorite things to do is painting to music... and the opportunity to paint to LIVE music is such a treat . I have been very blessed lately to paint on a regular basis with a multitude of musicians performing live. Here I am at Utopia.. and I am painting at the CD Release party of "Global Warning" performed by The Dubber.
The Dubber...
Some of you know, I have been following The Dubber's music since I first heard him back a few years ago at H20 on State St in West Columbia. I remember seeing this giant of a man with dread locks and muscular arms and noticing he wore a turban. Having no idea what his music would be I sat there with artist friend Michelle Rogers and this man sat down and closed his eyes and started playing; the lively crowd silenced as we all sat in awe listening to the gentle voice and unique music from the guitar played by Wendell Culbreath. It was at that moment, I literally was under the spell of the music, just as when I paint...I am so into the painting... I am at one with the painting.
It was probably close to a year before I found out exactly who he was and where else he performed... and this time when I heard him I had a front row seat and introduced myself. I saw he was one with the music like I had felt ... so many times when I paint. We exchanged cards and I wrote to him telling him how I noticed all these things and from then on I went to as many shows as I can. In fact for a while I went to every one. I still try to, but my time is divided by my own art interests and other music as well. Watch this blog for more info on The Dubber!
yours truly,
Jean Bourque
Artist :0)

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