Friday, May 28, 2010

Art and Music Networking the Scene

Well hello to all my readers new and long termers....

I haven't been here much and some of you have a pretty good idea, why. Basically, I have really been working the art and music networking scene the past year and now I am so entrenched with so many friends and events to attend that its like I can no longer attend every event I would like to, because many evenings there are several events happening with friends performing or showing their art and or music. So... I now have to say no sometimes. It literally kills me to miss some of my fave musicians performing; or my art buddies that are having shows I end up missing for one reason or another. Often times how I end up selecting where to go will depend on whats happening in my art career first. Then secondly, what events my friends have chosen to attend... I love hanging out much better than going solo. As ya'll know I was solo for many years and I am so over that. LOL!

Like, right now I am showing 8 paintings at White Mule on Main St. in Columbia, SC. You could say its the blues... and it's influence in music and my art as all eight have some blue in them. Lots of light blues and a few cobalts and ultramarines thrown in for good measure. Of Course many pieces also have heart and that is what my art is actually about... well, for the most part. They will be on display there for 3 months, so take a peek and if you are interested in any of them, just let me know. I will be at White Mule, for at least a few hours on the ... first Thursday, June 3rd.

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