Sunday, August 28, 2011

Facebook Privacy Changes

I just wanted to share this information with you from Mashable a blog about Social Media. They always have the latest info, so you may want to follow them in your efforts to keep up with the ever changing social media networks and technology. Click the above link for detailed info.

The Facebook changes are very in depth and as of this time, I have not thoroughly investigated how everything works. Hopefully, I can give you some tips over the next few weeks so we can all make the transition, without going mad. :)

Here is what I have noticed so far....

*List who you are with when you change your status... if you want others to know

**a scrolling list (right side bar) shows when friends had started playing various games or downloading apps.

*** on any behind the wall message; a listing of every inbox conversation you ever had with that person, even those that had been deleted.

****When posting to your own wall you can limit each posts availability to any of your various friend lists (similar to Google+ circles) or have it be public (to everyone)

*****pasting from somewhere else no longer works on status. So those of us that like to post quotes and share info from a variety of sources will no longer to be able to just paste it from else where.

******The tagging will now let you pre-approve them, but you need to go to your privacy settings to enable that feature.

Highly Recommend: Go to your privacy settings and check every item.
I had a time period today where no one could see anything I posted except for Yoville players. Weird, I know. But I was lucky enough to figure it out.

It's really to soon to tell what all these changes are and how they will effect the trillion Facebook users.... and the art and music community, only time will tell.

Yours truly,

Jean Bourque

Photo done with snipping tool an app added to my browser, this is a picture of my avatar, Artsy Jeanee in Yoville and art I did on Facebook in Yoville on the white boards.

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