Friday, August 5, 2011

"Where Women Create" is great!

Just saw a copy of “Where Women Create”

What a great name for a magazine! Before I ever opened the cover

I had fallen in love with the name of the magazine and my mind went

exploring in creative directions too numerous to count. I opened the magazine

and was so impressed with all the beautiful colors, bright and bold nothing mundane.

I didn't have to read a word and I knew I found a magazine that I would love to

look at over and over.

I read a story about a brilliant woman that started a t-shirt business where

the customer actually experiences making their own t-shirt design. She has her

shop in the style of a NY Deli and serves the completed t-shirt wrapped in butcher paper

and a bag of chips. She’s planning on getting an ice cream truck and serving

t-shirts instead of ice cream during the summer months.

Beautifully appointed studios with lots of light and storage and a clean, organized feel,

Made me long to have that kind of space. Big enough to be organized and everything

having its place, so the flow of your work doesn't have to be broken up to go look for things. .

I saw one space that had bright red walls with black fishnets as room toppers,

in which she showed and worked on baby dolls. It may have also been her store.

A variety of fine arts and crafts were represented all in bright bold colors! Neon and electric

Lots of light and some natural lighting filled each room with a glow. Part of what I saw was the

Love and care the artist has for their space and their craft. Many studios also held a sewing

Machine. I still have a sewing machine, I don’t think I've used it in at least ten years.

Something about fabric makes me think of the women in the mills and even further back women

Spinning yarn, making their own fabrics and papers. It’s nostalgic to me, like a fairy tale.

I learned to sew at 7 years old. My first projects were a pin cushion by hand, then Mom taught

me to make a marble bag. (I have three brothers) Then I made my first pair of elastic waist pants.

I remember them well, they were green cotton.

You know a magazine is great if it gets you thinking and you feel like creating from reading it.

Just like a book is great if it helps you become more creative. One book I strongly

Recommend is “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron. When you look through the chapters

and do a little bit of reading you will learn to bring more creativity into your life.

Soon, you will look forward to morning pages and maybe you’ll even start a blog so you can

share and explore your enthusiasm for the creative side.

If you see this magazine in the store, look through it and I think you will agree it’s a great magazine.

I feel like I went on my artist date after looking at it briefly.

Yours Truly,

Jean Bourque

Photo of Painting by Jean Bourque a 16x20 mixed media collage with a variety of fabrics.

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