Monday, August 8, 2011

Int'l Contemporary Artists Call for Art DL Aug. 15th

There is something truly exciting about seeing your art work in print. Now most artists have seen their art on the web as many upload this themselves to social media networks, their own blog or website. Many galleries now include a website where they will show your art work, too. But seeing your art in a book, magazine or paper is truly one of life's exciting moments.

"The process of selecting contemporary artists to present their work in “International Contemporary Artists” volume III is nearly over and there are only a few available pages left in the book." So dig up your best jpegs and get them sent off as soon as you can. This is your opportunity!

"As in volume II the book will include paintings, sculptures, installations, digital art and photography, showing in each page the individuality of each artist and different styles of expression as well.
Emerging and established artists are welcome to submit their work for selection in order to be included to the book."

"A juried committee will select the artists who will be able to show their work in a full-color art book. Each selected artist will be presented in the book in a one-page layout that will include images of his/her work, an essay or statement and his/her contact information."
You can find additional information about the book at:

The book is distributed worldwide through major book wholesalers and online shops.
Julia Adison is the Assistant Curator at

I.C.A. Publishing
US: 380 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY, 10168, US
EU: Athens Towers, 2-4 Messogion Avenue, Athens 115 27, GR Check out their website and send your artwork in to get published in an international full color book of artists!

If you would like a copy of Volume 2, they are available on Amazon.

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