Friday, September 2, 2011


ARTISTS: Challenge Your Emotions, Challenge Your Art
Artistic Emotions… are you in touch? Out of touch? Do your emotions rule your art? Do they rule your world? Do you paint with emotion? Or do you paint strictly verbatim, as in photographically with no emotion? What is your style? Do you paint in solitary confinement or do you engage your family and friends in your creations?
Share your emotions or be bottled up, the choose is yours! CHALLENGE YOURSELF AND YOUR ART...

Are you up to the CHALLENGE?

Most of my art is highly emotional, portraying anything from love to anger, happiness to fear... and sometimes the unknown is revealed to me and I have an epiphany. The spirits are good to me and my artistic muse seems to be ever present challenging me to press onward with writing and artistic endeavors. Today, I am filled with joy to share this tidbit about creativity with the world.  yours Truly, Jeanee

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