Friday, March 5, 2010

Opt for Change at Artsails1 an Editorial

About this BLOG:

Okay, like any relationship, it's important to keep it interesting. We want people eager to read it and not just wait for a mass mailing. Standing at the pivotal line between change and stagnation, I opt for change. If you like my blog, please stay, become a follower, share with your friends and make comments on my writing. Tell me what you like and what you don't like. Interact with me, I promise not to bite.

I have a unique advantage over many art writers in a sense, because I am in the thick of things myself as an artist, writer and avid music fan. Not saying, I am the only artist with a blog, far from it. There are too many to count and each has had to decide how to handle their blog. Some artists just show pretty pictures, some talk flowery language, poetic, philosophical, some do comparative analysis, while others do critiques. Some are all about the writers opinions while others are about the artists' projects and shows. Some encourage you to support them, their friends, causes, beliefs, school and other connections, some ask for money, some create an imaginary life on line. Each has it's place and all are interesting in their own way.

Artsails1 Blog Mission Statement as of 3/6/10

The mission of this blog is to educate and share with my readers my passion for art in all its forms. I want to tell you things that have influenced me as an artist and to discuss other interests as I discover them or as their influence reflects on me. I encourage you to interact with me by commenting on works, stories and artwork.

Artsails1 Blog Goal

My long range goal with this change is to expand my readership base, by developing the personality of the blog, it is my intention to create a wider appeal on an international level. Artsails1 also likes to promote artists and musicians that are trying to develop a following. None of us know who will be the most famous, who will be remembered after they are gone. It's my honor to work with so many talented and gifted artists. If you like this blog become a fan and a follower, share my posts on your sites, your facebook wall's and add an artsails1 tag to my blog for the ones you share. Encourage your friends to become followers as well.

What is Jean Bourque working on NOW?? ...New Music Series to show at the Riverwalk Music Festivals in West Columbia every Sat. from April 17 to June 6th, 2010.Then they will be shown at the Indiegrrls Music festival the entire June 12-14th weekend at Camp Jonica Gap in the GA Mountains.

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Art on this post is all by Jean Bourque

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