Friday, March 19, 2010

Damian Norwood at Hookah Bar Sat. 3/27 at 10PM

Playing good ole rock n roll (cover tunes) is the sound you'll hear when u listen to Damian Norwood. He played CCR and Nirvana just the way they should be played. A native of Clinton, SC I had the opportunity to hear him sing and play his acoustic guitar at the Puddlin Duck near Spring Valley in Northeast Columbia, this past Wednesday evening, which happened to be St. Patrick's Day! Arriving late as I often do, I missed his introduction and also missed the St. Patrick's dinner at the Puddle Duck since their kitchen had already closed. My understanding is he played 2 hours straight through with no break.

Last Sunday, I had a little "Mad Hatter" gathering at my art studio and several friends had seen and heard Damian Norwood, the night before at the Hookah Bar. Their musical taste is diverse as my own and they often attend many of the same musical events I attend. So, trusting their judgement I checked all my events and found where he was playing next.

Not only is he a talented singer and guitar player he is also an interesting conversationalist, peppering his words with humor throughout the night. He told a story about playing at The Hookah Bar (a private club) into the wee hours on Sunday morning. After which, his girlfriend wanted to go to church, a Catholic Church with all the kneeling, standing and sitting. Somehow, he made it through the service without losing his breakfast or his religion. He noticed a little girl in front of them that kept turning around looking at him. He said he was just waiting for her to say, "You smell like my drunk Uncle."

At any rate, he will be playing again at The Hookah Bar next Saturday March 27th starting at 10 pm to 1 am. Yes, it is a private club, just pay the door charge and tell the people at the door, you are the guests of Jeanee Bourque and come on in! The Hookah Bar is located at 803 Sumter St. Columbia, over the Beezer Sandwich Shop and across from USC. One of the unique factors of the Hookah Bar is that they have an oxygen bar, with a variety of unique flavors. You should try it, out.

Yours Truly,

Jeanee Bourque

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