Saturday, September 18, 2010

Seven Oaks Art League Meeting Recap


A few blogs back I had written about the art leagues starting back up and so much is going on in the art community that it is hard to keep up with who's who! Case in point; I stated June Tucerella as President for SOAL. I was wrong; she is no longer President in fact, now residing in the President's chair is Donna Gore, who btw was our first President, when the league originally started.

We had a very lively speaker at this past meeting; an artist I had never met before, but one I hope to get to know better as time goes on. I believe her name is Jennifer Renee. She hails from New Orleans and was there during the Hurricane Katrina disaster. She gave us a lively narrative punctured with laughter and big smiles about the times there and what it was like growing up there and how things had changed and even how it changed her work. At first she relocated to DC and then they eventually found their way to Columbia, SC.

Jennifer does wonderful colorful lively work known as reverse painting on glass. It's actually quite a process; as she is painting blind from the backside, so everything that goes on last has to go on first. You sign it first and then build the layers up backwards. Her work is very beautiful and I encourage you to see her website.

Not only does she do paintings, she also does assemblages and recycled material or found object sculptures. It's apparent listening to Jennifer that she has one of the most creative minds I have encountered in a very long time and it was a joy to listen to her tell us all about work she is doing with used tvs and doors. She had so many ideas for these works and what the entire series will be; it was quite impressive.

Anyway, .... it was truly refreshing and inspirational.

SOAL meets every Third Thursday of the month and our next meeting will be held at the 7oaks park rec center on Oct 21 at 630 pm. From Oct 21 to the Nov meeting I will have a few pieces of art on the walls at The Seven Oaks Recreation Center. So if you are one that goes by this park which is located just off St Andrews Rd and Piney Grove... check out the walls.

Yours Truly;
Jean Bourque

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