Thursday, September 16, 2010

Keith Bates and REDD WYNE's upcoming shows


9-16 Utopia Grill Howard St Columbia Open Mic with Keith Bates and REDD WYNE performing 8-11 PM
9-24 Doc's Barbeque Shop Rd Columbia
with The Dubber aka Wendell
9-30 Utopia Grill Keith Bates hosts Open Mic and REDD WYNE performs

10-1 First Thursday event TBA on Main St Columbia Keith solo
10-3 Keith Bates solo performs at Saluda Shoals as part of the Musician and Songwriters Guild for the unearth event, the annual event at the park to introduce the arts to more people.
10-9 Cafe Strudel State St West Columbia 8-11PM REDD WYNE
10-16 Art Bar Park St Columbia 8-until REDD WYNE performs with Jean Bourque painting
also performing is Alien Carnival with Bentz and May Kirby
10-28 Utopia Grill Open Mic with Keith Bates and REDD WYNE performing
10-29 Scorpio's Birthday and Halloween Party Cayce SC Private Party by invitation only

For further details on any of these events or for bookings you may contact Keith Bates via email

Yours Truly

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