Saturday, September 18, 2010

Going to Lady Gaga Tonight in Charlotte! Woohoo!

I feel like a pre-adolescent kid...all excited as if I am going to my first concert. Lady Gaga came on the scene a few years ago and the world quickly took notice. It seems from what I can tell there are strong feelings about her one way and another. My friends, who BTW are mostly artists and MUSICIANS... really love her, like I do...or they hate her. I just don't get the hating stuff. Some say she is a Madonna wanna be...I don't think so ...this woman is a classically trained pianist...which is more preparation than Madonna had musically. Madonna was a trained dancer, not a singer and so to me...there is no comparison. Her showmanship is more like Cher, it's over the top, and I am so excited to go see :)

NOW, those of you that know me, know I have almost every Madonna CD up until about 2005 when I started listening to a wider variety of music. As much as I have listened to Madonna and probably know all the words to all the songs from the 90's... I never went to a Madonna concert. However, I have been to three Cher concerts and a multitude of other concerts in the past ten years. With Lady Gaga from the first time I saw her, I couldn't wait to go see her in concert! In fact, for this concert tonight, I discovered the show was coming in like Jan or Feb... and as soon as tickets were being sold... I contacted my friends from Charlotte to see if they wanted to go and YES we all decided to go and the plans were set. It seems like we have waited forever, having tix so far in advance and now the show is going to be tonight. Oh MY God...what to wear? LOL!

Some people probably do not know this, but there were tickets selling for as high as $800.! Mine was high enough...even being almost in the nose bleed section...we should have a good views from the angle we are at and of course there are chance of getting a close up pic. This woman is an extremely talented woman; gifted singer pianist, dancer, organizer, marketeer, fashion icon, songwriter...and so much more..she is a show. She doesn't just stand in front of a mic and sing (which in itself, is hard enough) she creates a will never forget and I can not wait to be part of the big MONSTER BALL!!! (and all you haters can just shut up, LOL!)

Me and my poker face...gonna have a good time to night....

yours truly,

PS the painting in the corner was painted by me :) Jean Bourque
to music by REDD WYNE live at TC Lounge in Columbia SC

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