Sunday, July 1, 2007

Art & Books Happen; But Movies; Maybe Not

Painting by Jean Bourque c July 2007

Last night; I wanted to see Michael Moore's "Sicko". I was very disturbed to find it was only playing way up Forest Dr. near 77; with a start time of 7 PM. All week long I saw him talking about it on talk tv. It's odd too; because I rarely watch tv; but everything I watched, it seemed he was on. Since I was house and dog sitting; I did watch more than normal.

A plan to go to Damon's restaurant; normally would have gotten us out in time; however a crowd came rushing in, within minutes after we placed our appetizer order. Needless to say; it made for a noisy and distracting dinner and the wait and cook staff obviously had a huge increase in work loads. We left there at 7:20. Since our plan had been foiled; we scanned the papers for another time; the next viewing was at 9:45. This meant we had time to explore art and books!

I had been wanting to go to the Rita Smith Gallery and of course Barnes and Noble at Richland Mall in Columbia, SC so decided that would be a good way to spend some time. At B&N; I couldn't resist getting a Starbucks coffee and a huge peanut butter cup cookie. I ate that up and then decided to go to the gallery.

The gallery had a lone worker and she appeared to be reading a book; but greeted me with a cheerful; hello. I said hello as well and proceeded on my mission to see what artists and what art was being shown at Rita's. Fellow blogger; Harriett Hilton of Artistic Musings had recently told me she would be starting to show her work at this gallery; so I had to check it out. The worker got busy with a potential client and I wandered around for awhile. Eventually, I found my way back to B&N and purchased a book on ads from the 60's; which I strangely found very inspirational, especially the car ads. Then I left and headed up Forest Dr. to the show.

While waiting in line, I noticed it didn't say the movie was playing on the little signs above the sales box; but I waited patiently and proceeded to request tickets for the "Sicko" movie and was told they didn't end up getting the movie. They were slated to get it and for some reason the movie was pulled from their roster. Why? She didn't know. The people behind me in line were disappointed too. I have seen this happen over other controversial movies in the past year and felt really disheartened. Hopefully I will get to see the movie; without having to leave town.
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harriett said...

Hey Jeanee,
You have been nominated for the Thinking Blogger Award! Check out my blog . . .
And along those lines, re: Sicko, seems some people don't want us, the general populace, to think for ourselves at all.