Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Two weeks can really Fly with "Traveling Pursuit"

Two weeks can fly...oh my;

where have I been and what have I been up to?

Wouldn't you like to know...

Here is Traveling Pursuit; this painting is an oil painting and it sold a few months back; but doesn't it just make you feel like time is flying. I know every time I see this image I think; where does all the time go?


I won't proceed to tell you every little detail just suffice it to say; I have my art show at The Starving Artist and they have a new website. Whoa...check it out and check them out at lunch, dinner, or on a Friday or Saturday for late night brunch. Eggs Benedict, never tasted so good as they do when someone else makes them for you after a long night on the town.

The art show at Thee Matriarch was well attended and many of my dearest friends came all the way to Orangeburg...You know who you are and I truly thank you!!!! Thank you to the new friends I made while in Orangeburg at the last two events. A special shout out to my new friends from the library...and all the HAT ladies!!!!

By now; you probably have figured I must have gotten busy with something...well yes, besides painting and having art shows I also have been taking some continuing ed classes at the local college as a summer student. What; am I learning? Well so far, I have learned Illustrator and Javascript. Prior to my classes starting I had been learning all about Photo Shop from someone in the giclee business. I will soon be taking a class in that as well. In fact before you even know it; I will be a certified web designer and a certified Project Manager!

Oh...learning computer software skills and programming languages is in many ways just like art; it doesn't matter if it's fine arts, graphic arts, Internet art, or just playing art....there is always so much more to learn. You can never know it all...but you can try. That's what keeps life so entertaining; learning more and expanding your vision and your world view! FUNNY!

Let's have a cappuccino on that thought and I am running off to go do some drawing with one of my friends and I can't decide what medium. My car is loaded down now; I have my traveling easel; my acrylic paint and brush bag; my l'crayons and even my collection of Sharpies. Besides all that I have pastels and a small canvas, several sheets of drawing paper and my drawing "Art" book. I just won't know what I will need til I feel the mood of the muse. The inspiration of the water; the sun going down and the smell of coffee in the air. Yummy...I am going to heaven...see ya' later.

yours truly,



Jean Bourque

pronounced like Burke

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