Sunday, July 8, 2007

Intellectual Pursuits and a Passion for Art

My regular readers probably realize that I am on the web way too much, but they forgive me as I do provide interesting sites from time to time. On occasion, I look at art sites like I have all the time in the world. It is one of my many intellectual pursuits. My art is an intellectual pursuit as well; but it's not just that; it is so much more. I have this fire; this drive; I cannot "not" paint. I dream of paintings, I visualize paintings, I think in paintings, why I even write in paintings! When you read, what I write can you see the paintings? I mean; like in your mind's eye, even if they are not shown on the blog?

A few posts back; I shared the painting Yellow Brickroad and then went on to write about some of the paintings I am showing at The Starving Artist Cafe in West Columbia, SC. In my story I wrote little essays on several of the paintings and hoped to give you a glimpse inside the creation process for those works of art. So many things are going on at all times and to be totally focused on a painting while creating something that has never existed in the world is really an act of passion. Whereas web surfing and researching for this artist, are like the kindling to the fire... like reading or listening to music...the kindling to the fire. These are intellectual pursuits; which I do for the inspiration of the passion fueling the artist within me.
Some kindling to think about; read this "Seven Levels of Artists" by Rockwell. Although; he made this up and it does have a touch of humor; a lot of what he says makes great it and see.

yours truly;
Painting info: "Hello" by Jean Bourque an original art work on paper 2005 c

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