Sunday, July 29, 2007

Go to The Starving Artist Cafe Tues.-Sat.

Just got word from Tom Wood at The Starving Artist Cafe at 1103 B Ave in West Columbia, SC
Phone for directions and info (803) 791-3770. Here's what's happening at the cafe:

Tuesday lunch time July 31 is the final day to see artwork by Jean Bourque at the Starving Artist Cafe. So if you haven't made your lunch plans for Tuesday; they are open noon until 2:30 PM plan to go. Bourque has all original art on display including "On Broadway" and "Yellow Brickroad" which will look great with many decors.

Artists and theater types love the cafe with it's photo albums of some of the area plays that you can browse in and even pictures of the various local plays in the menu as well. You will see that they have many old games like; "Careers" "Operation" "CandyLand" "Spirograph" (the original one!!) and even "Etch a Sketch" in their game room. The decor is eclectic and yet filled with nostalgic charm with it's collector's salt and pepper shakers on every table and mismatched silverware and plates. There is no place else like this; you must see this place.
If you have not been there yet; now is the time to go.

Please show your support for a new venue, so we can have a great place to go and play games, drink Sobe and eat cake! This is not just a trendy artsy place; this is a place with seriously good food, great prices and friendly faces. If you want to have fun and be entertained; consider some of this week's upcoming events.

Thursday August 2 will be Taco Night. 6PM until...

Friday August 3 will be The Scrabble Tournament
$5. entry fee; if you pay before Friday only $3. entry fee

Saturday August 4 will be Broadway Karaoke Night 8:30-11 PM

Special for this week; every late evening they will have the brunch . So go see the movie"Hairspray" starring John Travolta as a woman (which he does amazingly well!!) then come by The Starving Artist Cafe and dine on great food. They have a wonderful selection of desserts, appetizers, dinner entrees, and of course the brunch. Try it; you'll like it. Now is the time to go to the Starving Artist Cafe; hope to see you there!

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