Monday, September 3, 2007

Labor Day = Play Day

Labor Day = Day off which = Play Day! For some reason; I am walking down memory lane today and have found such fun looking back at some of my 'older' art work. It's amazing; how much of my artwork is about playing. For me; a well documented work-a-holic; with absolutely no "earth" in my chart; it really helps ground me; to keep in touch with the little child inside and remember to take a day to just play. It's funny; when you think about it; that non-artists often think of art as play and I guess in some ways it is. But being an artist does have a lot of work to it. There is a business side to the art; no question about that. But let's not get into that today; because today is a Play Day!
I found a jpeg image of this painting which my son has. It is a 16 x 20 inch on pre-stretched canvas; called "Playing". It is about being a kid and playing. You see the colorful little hopscotch board; creating a circle and the Raggedy Ann (or Andy) feet dangling down and the big eyed girl; getting ready to play! That's me today; the big eyed girl; getting ready to play.
Have fun and go play!

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