Monday, January 7, 2008

Columbia, SC A Great Place to Be

Columbia, SC is seated in the middle of the state and serves as the state capital and home to Fort Jackson Army Base. It's a great place to live or visit. If you are thinking of moving to our beautiful area there are plenty of links on this blog that will tell you more about Columbia, SC. The best thing about Columbia is we have a very diversified population with a mix of many cultures. The city has several museums, a zoo, many annual art events, an ice hockey team, improv, many live theaters, comedy club, city baseball team, roller derby squad, many restaurants and great shopping as well as several prominent colleges including USC and is home to the Gamecocks.

Of course, if you are moving here you want more detail then that. I would recommend several websites to find out more about our great little city of Columbia, SC. If you already live here and just want to see what's happening beyond what I have listed on this blog go to any of these websites.

Access Columbia, SC

Columbia SC Visitor's Center

Hello Columbia

SC Information Highway

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