Friday, January 11, 2008

FYI - Local Art Leagues Columbia SC

People are often asking me about the various art leagues in Columbia. So I put this together, these are the ones I am in and you can feel free to tell me about others I am not in. So you know what each offers, here it is:

ART= Artists Round Table
SOAL= Seven Oaks Art League
TAG= Trenholm Artists Guild

Guild Website Links Page Dues Etc

ART yes yes $35. a yr Jan. Several shows
membership Professional career artists- all types of artists such as musicians, spoken word artists, sculptors, potters, glass beads, fiber arts, actors, dancers, painters, potters, photographers, illustrators, web designers, bloggers, poets, writers and more. Meets year round, first Tuesday of the month. Lots of great opportunities. Next month bring any art supplies you no longer want and we will have an artists exchange at the Cultural Council aka Chamber of Commerce Building downtown. To participate in the art supply exchange, for any type of artist, arrive early or drop off so the board can set it up and plan the function! Should be fun. Affiliated with the Cultural Council. Chuck Lamark, formerly of the Cultural Council has agreed to take Alicia Leekes's place as our leader. Great connections! Art Gallery Coop and Social every Thursday at 1213 Lincoln St. in the Vista.

SOAL No website, no blog, does have an emailed newsletter $20. yr Sept.
Meets the third Thursday from Sept to May, except in Nov and Dec its the 3rd Wed. Annual show is at the Seven Oaks Park. Membership 90% women and has hobbyists as well as professional artists, some potters, painters, glass bowls, jewelry makers, gourd art, etc. lots of talented people. Fun events like Dec. Fabulous Fakes, artists painted something based on a famous artwork. Offers educational events for techniques in art.

TAG yes
Has 3 places any art member can show at regularly Palmetto Hospital, BC BS, and Eye physicians. Dues $20. plus $5. to $10. link to website and get a page, due in Sept. Meets second Monday of the month, Sept to May except Dec no meet. Annual show at prestigious IHOF gallery for all members. Many old timers with lots of experience and well known artists, the genders are equally represented. Monthly meetings are educational and may cover art techniques and promoting art such as taking digital photography of art. Also offers many art technique workshops.

I know there are several other art leagues, Rosewood Art League and there is one in nearby Chapin and another one up in Sesqui Park, but I am not a member and would not want to say the wrong info. If you are reading this and are a member of another art league in the greater Columbia area and would like me to mention it in the blog, please send me info or leave a comment and contact info .
Stay Artsy...

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