Friday, November 21, 2008

Columbia Has Got Talent- Come See!!

The longer I live in Columbia, the more I realize how many talented people we have here. We have a very large visual arts community. I probably know over 500 visual artists just in Columbia. By visual I mean artists that paint, draw, sculpt, blow glass, make beads, do photography, graphic arts and design, altered books, fiber artists, wearable arts such as fashion design, home arts such as bowl turning, wood working, assemblage, wall hangings and quilts. We also have a large clay community.

Photograph "Five Points at Night" by Jean Bourque (prints available)

(Taken the night of Advertisers Bail Out)

I know there is the Gourd Art group, a design Group, a live drawing group and the Decorative Art group, not to mention at least 6 professional art associations with at least 50 members or more. I mean the sheer abundance of art here is amazing. This city should be known the world over for its art community. We have more artists here than anyone realizes I am sure of that! Now that I have really thought about this;I probably know closer to 1000 artists.

We have a great music diversity and range of talents; in Columbia at USC, at night spots and outdoor festivals with many bands, groups, soloists and performances all over the City. Just about any night during the week and of course weekends you can find live entertainment. We have poets that publicly preform every week like John Starino in at least 3 different venues that I know of. Go to Verseworks at the Art Bar or Open Mic at H20, Macs on Main, Jammin Java, and many more.

We have legendary musicians like Skipp Pearson performing weekly at Hunterer Gatherer playing the Sax every Thursday night. We have Jeff Liberty on harmonica and guitar singing the blues. That man can sing too. Both of them have been willing to work with new performers and help them get going. There's Danielle Howle playing guitar and singing. This is just to name a few. I mean Columbia has GOT talent. We have a huge artistic community here.

Theater: We have several great theaters such as Trustus is a great venue and sometimes they have alternative features and they are reasonably priced. We have three historic theaters as well as a huge Convention Center and so much more. The Workshop Theater, the Town Theater and much much more. Columbia's Visitors Bureau attracts visitors from all over the world.

Ballet: We have a world class ballet and several other ballet and dance companies. This town is bursting with Talent. You can find ballet and dance performances or take lessons any week in Columbia.

People say they don't know where to find out about what's going on; there should be someplace where all things could be posted. I agree. ARTSAILS1 is my volunteer effort to put out the info I know about. So if you have something for me to post; email me by clicking here at ARTSAILS1. If you applaud my effort; want to add this blog as a link to your site, have news to share or be added to the email list or make a purchase (art and photography is for sale) that would be wonderful as well.

Columbia has got every area of the arts...think art, think Columbia!!!

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