Thursday, November 20, 2008

History of Art Connections using the Internet

Okay; admittedly this is not a SC competition; but I can tell you; I was in an art show with Larry many years ago in Soho (NYC, USA) and I have the old 35mm camera pictures to prove it. This was when very few people were using the internet. We were kindred spirits as we pioneered our way through the web with our art. I even had a web site and it was at a time when that was unheard of among the local artists that I knew in SC. In fact, very few galleries outside of NY and Paris were on line at that time.

Larry and I have stayed friends and I was honored to be his very first featured artist when he opened his first gallery in the mid 90's called Period Gallery. He has since gone on to develop other galleries and this is one of them. Professor Larry Bradshaw had been with the University of Nebraska over 20 years as an Art professor. He literally knew and trained thousands of artists. Here I am with a Business Management degree and he asked me. So...indeed I was honored. In fact I still am.

So here is the latest competition:

Upstream People Gallery
5607 Howard Street
Omaha, NE 68106-1257 U.S.A.

is pleased to announce the
“6th Annual Color: Bold/Subtle International
Juried Online Art Exhibiton”

February 1, 2009 - January 31, 2010
(12 month’s show and gallery representation for greater sales and exposure;
artists may exhibit and sale in other venues at the same time)
to apply send the following by Dec. 8, 2008 for early entry (postmark deadline)

•5 slides/CD (or jpegs/tiffs via email)
•List of works with: Name, Postal Address (& email),
Titles, Media, Sizes (HxWxD) & Prices
•Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope (if submitting via postal mail)
•$25 entry/jury/webmaster fee (add $2 using PayPal)

Cash Awards of Excellence, Special
Recognitions and Press Releases published worldwide
and sent to specially recognized artists’ newspaper(s).

NOTE: Several artists have had articles written in their newspaper(s).

Early entry notifications sent: December 15, 2008

Or you may download the prospectus at

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