Sunday, November 2, 2008

Frida Kahlo fans shop at Belladonna's

One of my favorite paintings of all time is the one I did called "Frida Excitement". It is a 3 ft x 2ft framed art piece with a surrealistic flair. In the oil painting besides a picture of Frida, I incorporated things that were important to the artist. She loved small animals and was known to have numerous chihuahuas and one is represented in the painting along with a jukebox and a Central American plant native to Mexico.

It is now on display and for sale at Belladonna's on Pendelton St. just below Cornell Arms. If you get a chance to see it; please stop by. "Frida Excitement" will only be there until Dec. 15th. This painting had previously shown at Noonah's on Gervais.

Jean Bourque is a visual artist and writer residing in Columbia SC. She is a member of Trenholm Art Guild, Back Porch Painters and American Writers and Artists Institute. She has previously been published in Carolina Arts and AveNews.

Jean has started a new blog in addition to artsails1. This will allow her to write about health, nutrition, healing, aging, longevity, supplements, experiences as a consumer, various products; going green, teaching art to the elderly and dementia sufferer and other interesting tidbits of life.
She currently is attending various online and evening courses studying herbs, going green, artistic brain fuel, nutritional supports, sound, crystal, energy and aroma therapy, holistic healing, and will become a certified natural health consultant upon completion.

Look for her newest blog at:

Wishing you all great health, healing energy, peace and love!

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