Sunday, July 24, 2011

Artist Opportunity for 2012 Accepting entries now

Theme for THE CHARLATAN INK ART PRIZE 2012 for the visual arts is:

'The Emperor's New Clothes'

1.) Awarded annually to the best visual art work produced by an artist during the 24 months preceding the 29th of February 2012 entry closing date.

Value: US$ 25,000. (non-acquisitive)
Medium: oil, acrylic, watercolor, mixed media, sculpture, photography, installations, animation and video-installations.
Other information: Art works submitted for the Charlatan Ink Art Prize must conform to each year’s specified theme. Artists may interpret the theme in any way that fits with their art practices, however the theme has to be visually present within all artistic interpretations.

Art works must be entered via the electronic ENTRY FORM (Conceptual Artists, Video Installation, All other mediums). Download CHARLATAN INK ART PRIZE 2012 rules & regulations guideline form for reference

2.) Entries for the 2011 Charlatan Ink Art Prize will open on July 1st 2011 and stay open until the 29th of February 2012. An US$ 50.00 (including TAX) handling + administration fee has to be paid for each work entered. Two works can only be entered in each year’s competition. An individual work may not be submitted more than once. Should this occur, the Charlatan Ink Partners reserve the right to disqualify the entry.

3.) There is a size restriction for works in the Charlatan Ink Art Prize competition. Two dimensional works must be no larger in size than 22 500 square cm/3 488 square inch (eg 1.5m x 1.5m or 4.921ft x 4.921ft etc). This applies also to the overall size of multi-panel pieces. Sculptures cannot exceed 3 meters/9.843ft in height, 2 square meters/21.53 square foot in area or 1000kg/2205lb in weight. Please note that the average wall height in exhibition spaces is 3.4 meters, floor to ceiling.
Video clips, animation can't exceed 5 minutes in length.

Paintings, drawings and mural project entries (mosaics, reliefs etc) must be suitably framed for handling. A stretched canvas is considered framed. Please remove any hooks or wire, as they can damage other artists' work.

4.) Neither Charlatan Ink LLC nor the exhibiting Gallery/Exhibition Space will be responsible for loss or damage whatsoever, and however caused, to any work whilst in its custody. Each competitor is responsible for maintaining his/her own insurance coverage. Neither Charlatan Ink LLC nor the exhibiting Gallery/Exhibition Space will be responsible for the costs of transport of entered art works. Each competitor is responsible for organizing his/her own transport arrangements.

5.) Charlatan Ink LLC reserves the right to display certain works from those hung in the Charlatan Ink Art Prize Exhibition at another venue. Charlatan Ink LLC reserves the right to publish any works deemed to be outstanding for the promotion of the Prize in any available public publications or on any other media organizations, like TV etc.

6.) Multi-panel pieces are accepted and are regarded as one work. Such works should be accompanied by a photo of the assembled work and clear instructions for the installation of the work if selected for the Finalist’s Show in 2012. The overall size of the work must comply with condition 3 above..

7.) The Charlatan Ink Art Prize is judged by seven International Peers from the World of the Visual Arts. All entries received by the specified closing date and in accord with the terms of the prize, will be accepted, numbered and stored electronically as jpg. and pdf. files in Charlatan Ink LLC’s website prior to judging. Pre-elimination will be done from the closure of entry to the 15th of April 2012. 100 artists’ works will be pre-selected to be Semi-finalists and will be displayed on Charlatan Ink’s website.

Announcement of Finalists (25 artists) will be posted on on the 15th of July 2012 and be published in the ‘NEW YORK TIMES’ and ‘THE TIMES.’

The International Judging Panel will judge via the Internet the Finalists and will do so totally independently from each other, assuring that no favorable collusion towards a single individual's work can occur. Judges will judge on a point-scale and the work with the highest number of points will be declared the winning entry. Once judgment has been made it will be final.

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