Sunday, July 10, 2011

Painted three nights in a row to Live Music


I painted three nights in a row and the first two nights sold the art. I didn’t have a camera or a photographer of my own any of these nights and as far as I can tell no one has posted any photos of any of this weekend’s artwork. The first night’s painting was at Tapp's Art Center during the First Thursday event to Lauren Streeter and Michael Mahoney live. I named it “Lauren Sings” and this is pictured above and is on deposit. The second night, I sold on the spot so do not have a photo at all. The new owners agreed to email me a picture, but so far that has not happened. I named that one "Cherry" and I painted it to the DUBA Band.

Last night, late night at the Art Bar, I did one of the best paintings of my career judging by viewer reaction. It is a brightly colored piece and I had several people make offers and received many compliments! The Jackaroe band that I started the painting to finished their gig before the painting was done and lucky for me Jennifer McCallister and Michael Mahoney of the Stillhouse band were playing next and agreed to let me continue painting through out their set. Just minutes before their set ended I finished it! Several people really want it especially the Jackaroe band and I really want them to have it. Since I didn’t have a photographer last night, I was happy to take it home so I could document it’s existence. Based on discussions at the Art Bar with various people, this piece will be gone soon.

I may even do prints on that one, since it was so well received.

much love and peace....

yours truly,

Jean Bourque


Carol Sloan said...

Don't you love it when people appreciate your artwork? So glad that you're selling during the shows, how exciting!

artsails1 said...

Thank you Carol, it's great to hear from you.