Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Artists Wanted for SoftCanvas

Upcoming Art show taking submissions....

Black, White, and Definitely Gray”. Define what this means to you!

SoftCanvas is hosting an online curated art show. A website is highly suggested for submission.
They will link your site, so customer can contact you directly. SoftCanvas doesn't take any commission. Only a select number of artists will be selected for the show. However, every artist that submits to the show will be included.

Send your images in jpg, at least 400 x 400 pixels, file cannot be larger than 1MB.
The website you send can be a blog page or part of another art site or your own professionally designed site. No limits on type of work sent or who can enter.

Cost to submit up to 5 works is only $11. up to ten images for $15.
For more details and to get your artwork submitted, click the following link
or just go to

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