Sunday, April 22, 2007

Alicia Leeke at Seven Oaks Art League

On Thursday evening April 19, 2007 the members of Seven Oaks Art League were introduced to the wonderful silk scarf and tie work of Alicia Leeke. She did a slide show which included her acrylic paintings and her silk work. Locally; Alicia is probably best known for her impressionistic Paris Street and Cafe Scenes. She intentionally distorts the perspective and uses lots of black lines for a unique look that is strictly Alicia's. You may see her art at

She demonstrated how she goes from a blank white silk on a stretcher to a unique one of a kind wearable scarf. She passed around the various tools and the silk blanks used in silk painting and told the league about the various chemicals used to paint silk scarves. She demonstrated the use of resist and discussed painting in a batik style. We all watched in amazement as she told us how even a mistake could be incorporated into the design and actually be a happy experience. One of the members asked how she decides what colors to use and Alicia told us she refers to color sites on the web so that she knows what colors will be selling this year. She was later asked where she gets the blanks and she said you could get them at and other websites as well.

We all had a great time and learned a lot watching Alicia paint.
Thanks Alicia;
Jean Bourque

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