Sunday, April 29, 2007

Artista Vista at Nonnah's Part 2

Painting by Ingrid Carson

This is continued from an earlier post discussing an evening of art at Nonnah's.
The wall across from from the entry; showed delicate yet detailed water scenes, which were very nicely rendered. Yet, I noticed something was different about them. Marcie Murray, explained to me these were watercolors on Fredrix watercolor canvases. For more info on these canvases click on the link. Her paintings were very peaceful and relaxing.

From across the room I spotted Donna Reid talking with Ingrid Carson. Ingrid had a variety of works ranging from her traditional oil paintings of landscapes to abstracts and collage paintings. I actually brought her luck; as she sold one of her abstracts while I spoke with her.
The abstract above is Ingrid's. You Go Girl!!

Maggie; the owner of Nonnah's walked through and was ready to return the rooms to a restaurant; with wine, desserts & dining. Then I spotted Jan Livingston; fashionable as always; I should have taken a picture. Her artwork was featuring brightly colored acrylic canvases. Some were abstract while others were impressionistic. They were all modern and brightly colored. I searched the web to see if I could find any of these; with no luck.

The Show at Noonah's will continue through the next two weeks. Stop in; take a look; there is enough variety here; so anyone should be able to find something they would love.
Have a great time...Artsails1
Noonah's on Gervais in the Vista of Columbia, SC

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