Sunday, April 29, 2007

Photography Tips by Jerry Bridgers

I once did a "How to Photograph your paintings" set on Flickr. I took it back off about a year ago. Because of our presentation by Jay Gross, I returned the Sets to flickr as a reinforcement to his presentation. These photos are in a collection of 3 sets. One set deals with camera and light set up, one with correcting distortion and a third on color balance. I included three photos on quick color shifts for photos that don't quite match the painting. If you are interested, the collection is located at:

A group of photographs that I retouched are located at: I tried to include photographs that show examples of various type of retouching from "fixing" to "photo collage"
I also put a retouching example at This Set has eight photos that show the changes as they were made when I removed a sign from a photograph.

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Jerry BridgersColumbia, SC
Paintings and Graphics located at:

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