Saturday, April 28, 2007

Artista Vista at Nonnah's Part 1

April 26, 2007 was the annual Artista Vista. In the past Jean Bourque and Betty Cooper were artists on display at Nonnah's and had spent many years at Nonnah's for these events. We decided to go and see what our friends were painting these days. Entering the front door we encountered a large painting sitting on the sidewalk; in the doorway. We both recognized it and looked in side and there was Edie talking to people about her art. The walls were ablaze with brilliant colors; on acrylic canvases of all sizes.

I spotted Michel McNinch talking to prospective clients as well. She saw me too and waved. Michel had a wall filled with beautiful paintings depicted the marsh, landscapes and beachfront. These may have been inspired by her summers in St. John's Island, SC. I really admire her large oil paintings on canvas with their winding paths of water and other patrons of Nonnah's chatted to me about how much they liked her art.

I looked in the front room where I had shown my art in the past and saw it was filled with a variety of art by Jennie Branham. I can tell you Jennie is a very talented woman. She has been working in realism and abstracts, doing both equally well. She paints in everything from watercolor to oils and portraits to collage. One gets the sense that, Jennie can paint anything and everything, very well.

Bonnie Goldberg had her wall full of colorful paintings of women. I have been a long time fan of her art work and really enjoyed seeing her newest art. Her large unframed works on canvas; depict women that look interesting and artistic. They are shown here on Nonnah's web page for the gallery. Bonnie has her own painting style which is what makes her work so wonderfully, fresh and original.

Artista Vista as talked about in the State Newspaper at this link...
To be Continued....

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