Saturday, April 21, 2007

Painting with Other Artists; such fun!

While painting with Julie Cooper; I completed a 24 x 30 inch; museum quality abstract work on canvas; that I had been working on since the start of the new year. It can best be described as a highly layered painting with the top layer image as a figure overlooking a mountain landscape and rising into an opening sky. Several transparent layers beneath is a grouping of what could suggest a network of people (or flowers) depending on your point of view. I like the idea of Networking and that is what the blog is all about is networking. Sharing with our global community; the art and artists that come into my life. I will put this painting on the site soon.


Tuesday I painted with Betty Cooper at her place. She explored abstraction based on an inspiration from my blog! How cool is that! She provided house painter tools for both us and I did a really cool underwater style painting which I had started a month ago and couldn't quite get the underwater effect. I have it now and it is showing at Genco Pools on Jamil Rd in the St. Andrews area of Columbia, SC along with 4 other wonderful paintings. After I hung them; I received so many compliments and several people asked me about buying them too. I am really happy about showing my art there and the response it is getting.

Marketing Tip: Don't be afraid to think outside the box;
you can show and sell art many places.

Wednesday evening; I painted with Betsy and Maria. I actually forgot to bring a canvas with me . Can you believe it? No one had a spare, so I grabbed the large cardboard; I lined my trunk with and brought that into the studio and painted in acrylics on cardboard. I cut it up as it was pretty big. Since cardboard is not acid free; it was more like an exercise in primary colors. To my amazement and Maria and Betsy's too; it came out really good. Tuesday I will paint there again so I left the cardboard painting. My plan: I can paint it on a thick canvas; knowing it will work; I just have to make it larger.
Painting Tip: If you feel like painting and don't have a canvas; you can always find something that you can paint on. Try it. It was very freeing. If you don't have brushes; you can use all kinds of things to make marks. Let your imagination run wild.

I saw many artists this week and received artwork from several as well. This week I will post artwork from The ABC group! I will tell you about the wonderful presentation we had at the SOAL meeting with Alicia Leeke and about our upcoming juried art show.

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