Saturday, April 5, 2008

A Day in the Art World in Columbia SC

Toffee and Diva
photo by Jean Bourque

The art show at Starbucks had a decent turn out considering the rain. Forever the social butterfly, I had to talk to everybody...about their art. When I arrived Joey my video instructor was already there and he had scoped out my art. He said his daughter would love it. Young people do love my work! We made plans to produce my art video and I am so thrilled to have a DVD made!

Later, I stopped by "If" Art Gallery and enjoyed works by Laura Spong!! What a great abstract artist she is! I picked up cards and fliers to distribute for the Open Studios tour for May 3 and 4 in Columbia SC, organized by Wim Roefs. We all must do our part to help get the WORD out.

I delivered fliers at Adesso on Main St. where they were having an Open House. I toured the facility and talked up the Open Studios Tour. Seriously, it looked like an art reception in the lobby... I treated it like it was and inquired about the art. We all agreed the original by Bruce Nellsmith in bright colors of the city was our favorite. The host promised a cook out for the next Open House.

Back at Starbucks, I put fliers out beside my art display. Then I went to West Columbia and talked about Open Studios and passed out more fliers, to the Coffee Shop on State St and The Middle Way a store beside the coffee shop. It smelled great in there, like Nag Champa. The environment made me think of meditation and creating peaceful artwork. There is artwork on their walls by artists, I have yet to meet. (very inspiring, indeed)

At last, I arrive home, unload my car and bring my art stuff back in the house. Toffee and Diva come running to greet me! Suddenly, I am surrounded by puppy love and art. How sweet it is! Have a great weekend and remember love conquers all!!!


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