Sunday, April 6, 2008

Eboniramm Releases New Book

"Author, Eboniramm Releases New Book,
Within His Star: The Story of Levi Pearson"

"Sunday, April 6, 2008, Columbia, South Carolina – A Renaissance woman, Poetess and Songstress, Eboniramm now embarks on a new career as the Author/Editor of Within His Star: The Story of Levi Pearson.

Eboniramm was born in Manning, S.C. and is a descendant of the Gullah culture of South Carolina’s Low Country. She is a Vocalist; however, her full resume reflects the talents of a true Renaissance woman, as Poet, Vocalist, Educator and now Author.

This debut book is about her great-grandfather, Mr. Levi Pearson, who was a civil rights pioneer. In 1947, Mr. Pearson filed a groundbreaking court case against Clarendon County, South Carolina that sought to obtain bus transportation for the county’s Black public school children. This case ultimately laid the groundwork for the historic 1954, school desegregation case, Brown vs. The Board of Education. Her book title comes from a comment Dr. Benjamin E. Mayes made in reference to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. during his eulogy. The voice and tone of the book shows Mr. Pearson’s strong faith and commitment to do the best he could for his family and community. These are lessons we could all learn from to build our own character and community today.

The life of her great-grandfather has always been an inspiration to Eboniramm, as his courage and dedication show his willingness to, “sacrifice so much to obtain simple justice.” So, on Mother’s Day 2005, she embarked on her own personal journey of discovery as she sat at the kitchen of her grandparent’s home listening to her grandfather, Mr. Ferdinand Pearson Sr., share the story of his father, which she now brings to the public at large through the book, Within His Star.

For additional information call, Sufia Giza at 803.738.1060 or to schedule a book signing, please contact Eboniramm at 803.665.7036 or she can be reached by email at"

This info was provided to artsails1 by Eboniramm via email and has been copied verbatim. It was provided to her by "SANKOFA Publicity, Columbia, S.C. 29205."

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